Lugia P`tits Loups d`Amour 

Sometimes life gives you a hint and you get the chance to change your life or not by making a sudden but serious decision!

It was more or less clear that we would go for another White Shepherd sooner or later.

Always thinking of taking a son of Finn though to keep his bloodline and because 2 males might be easier to handle in the house...

And then there it was: That litter announcement of the 2 dogs of my dreams:

Sire Regalwise Noble Denver Alpha,  a stunning middlesized short coated male, USA import with beautiful expression and great pigmentation  


Regalwise Noble Denver Alpha


Dame Eagle from America des Gardiens du Pacte

a daughter of gorgeous Dryade de Vi Pasay, one of the very few long coated females I fell in love with just by looks!

Eagle`s father is Surefire Regalwise Rodeo Starr, also imported from the USA and settled as a stud at French kennel des Gardiens du Pacte, famous and well known because of their working dog attitude.

I had seen the mating announcement a couple of months ago, but completely forgot about it . So when this litter add popped into my eye I got very excited and I  immediately asked the breeder Sophie from kennel P`tits Loups d`Amour in Belgium if she still takes reservations and if there are any pups still available.  

Thinking it over, we changed our plans and decided to take a female instead of a male - knowing that a couple never shows up any serious ranking problems and - you never know what the future brings- there might be a little chance to create our own litter with Finn in the future...  

So we ordered a short coated female puppy out of this great combination and had 2nd choice.

From all the pictures and videos Sophie sent to us, we went very quickly for the "green collar" girl, even though there were no short coated girls in the litter.

Finn was the "green collar" boy as well and we believe in destiny - the 1st choice puppy buyer  decided to take another girl and Lugia was meant to be for us ;-).

By the way -


is a rare and legendary Pokèmon ;-) - colour white!




In the meantime Lugia grew up to a beautiful young lady! She has got pitch black pigmentation, harmonic conformation, exceptional gaits and a stunning female expression.  

We just love her temper: She is very energetic, always ready to do something or to go somewhere, very clever and super cuddly!

We showed her on several shows with great results and she gets trained in IPO sport.

Lugia passed her breeding license test at the young age of 15 months and we are quite happy with her health results.

In 2013 she received the special award Vorzüglich Auslese 5 at the RWS Bundessieger Club Show! Dogs can only receive that special title if they have a breeding license and if they have produced extraordinary offspring or if they are very precious for the breed and have a great outlook for the future!






Lugia VA 5 at RWS Bundessiegershow 2013


 ...and she did it again! One year later we could proudly present 2 puppies from Lugia and Sam at RWS Bundessiegershow 2014 in Junior class. Both of them received Excellent 3 and 4! Lugia herself received Vorzüglich Auslese again!

This time even VA 2!


Lugia VA 2 at RWS Bundessiegershow 2014


Lugia V2 at RWS Bundessieger Show 2015


Karlsruhe 2015: V2, Reserve CAC

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Lugia - das 1. Mal auf der Leiter...